First, the kind of open market Auction, Gmarket, 11st, Interpark and the like.

The benefits of open market product with immediate exposure is that it can be freely sold.

Exposure to sellers and buyers can purchase immediately, the commission also cheaper exposure to the mall. In addition, registration is limited to items not high criteria. For that reason, in Korea, New measurements of the reaction, or if you want mass-market uses the open market. The advantage of the benefits of open market prices can be corrected immediately, and stopped selling some point here is that even.

If you want to sell your goods in South Korea's market to see what the reaction is to use the open market is the best way. We have the best sellers in the account is in any open market, so the immediate reaction of the product can be found out. Also, as a free open market sales at a competitive manner is also aware.

April 1998 as the nation's first Internet Auction site, starting with the current auction jeuksigumae, including securing a sale, purchase or sell goods in a way that is Korea's leading online shopping mall.

G market (G-Market), established in April 2000 that South Korea's second-largest open market sites.
SK Telecom's operations, and focusing on the younger generation is growing rapidly in recent years is the open market. South Korea to present to a greater extent in the third.
South Korea's first shopping mall, Interpark meaning of 'Internet theme park will be created by reducing.


Second, the major shopping malls and advertising of products,

while improving product quality and long-term if the sale is right. Major shopping malls biggest advantage is that you superior purchasing recognition of our customers. Conglomerates in Korea, made a major shopping mall in most cases, so that our customers' confidence is high, the service was good. But on the other hand, shopping malls selling expensive fees, tricky because the criteria for product registration, novice seller can not sell products itself. Because, for sale at major shopping malls to the major shopping malls that officials (= MD) and the seller would need to negotiate.

In this case, the seller maintains ongoing business confidence is higher than a novice seller, so the major shopping malls of the mall has an ongoing relationship between officials and the seller is most important. Our company is a major shopping mall and the establishment of lasting relationships with KNPD proceeding, since the mall's sales strategy is a major seller in South Korea, among all the best.

Whether you do some stuff for sale in South Korea, Online Sales sales approach was very obvious. Internet online sales in Korea market, the most efficient and is an excellent marketing system. Had you worried for sale in South Korea, of course, will be with us!

The basis for the major shopping malls, it is mostly derived from large corporations.

As for the kinds of major shopping malls,

Lotte Home Shopping,, CJ O Shopping, GS Home Shopping, Hyundai Home Shopping, Sinsegye mall, AK Mall, D&shop etc..

Currently, there are more Major shopping mall than Open markets.

Because a lot of Internet shopping malls that dot the capital required to start with, and buyers in South Korea for a major mall is that awareness is very high confidence.

Because Internet shopping is not necessary to start with a lot of capital and a major mall shoppers in South Korea for the trust is that awareness is very high. The ads you buy an item, rather than buy something and then South Korea's administration was to have reliable buyers, so all the big companies in Korea have supposed to be a major shopping mall will not even lie.