The Scale of South Korea Internet shopping mall (Info) Korea's e-commerce,

along with the tremendous penetration of the Internet, has grown rapidly.

South Korea has the highest internet penetration rate in the world.

If you want to try them on new products, saying it is in the Republic of Korea.

Koreans are that much faster response to new products.

So, Foreign companies when they want to experiment with new responses, to the first case in Korea can be seen.

South Korea has 80 percent of the people have a computer and Internet usage is high.


e-commerce in Korea to win the state even if there is not a lie.



South Korea's 700 trillion won year-scale analysis of Internet commerce in 2008, he company and the customer's Internet transactions (B2C) market amounted to 11 trillion won, the current point in time can not easily measure the rate of growth is enough.

In this situation,

The KNPD (=SELAND) could stand by an online e-commerce started from 1995, growth has been together.

New development of domestic small and medium enterprises, together with about online advertising, has been a big development. As much as traditional, self-esteem, and some of the e-commerce market in Korea grew at a rate it does seem like a huge, KNPD also has grown.

Right now, the online market in South Korea to start selling, it is the right choice. Right now, it is time to new challenges!!! KNPD with you,

if you succeed in the name of the challenge will get back to you.