South Korea's major shopping mall concept is the concept of agent sales.

To sell products in a major shopping mall, rather than registration, major shopping malls to parties should be allowed to sell products.

Difficult to enter, but once you enter the exhibition, over the years because of possible long-term sales, store sales are secured.
Sellers do not have advertising or sales activities, a major shopping mall that advertises itself as a regular and ongoing event, so enjoy a good advertising effect.
The proportion of major shopping malls in B2C e-commerce is more than 60 percent. Rather than buying direct from offline, view images and the nature of e-commerce purchases, major shopping malls and the brand value of its brand power in itself is already advertising.
Major mall officials (=MD) management, approval, because of the exposure, even if price is high because of its high credit quality of the buyers, are likely to buy again.
Because there is a major shopping mall in the call center and the return rate of exchange of goods is small.
the proceeds should be paid advertising. It is recognition of items for sale arose when the judge, and consultations are available.